A little about me


Hey everyone!

I am from the island of Jamaica, born and raised (is where I spent most of my days lol #princeofbelair.) I attended Barry University in Miami Shores, FL for college and I have to say those really were the BEST years of my life (so far) * (edited since seeing my amazing life coach Keisha-Ann Down… BIG UP MY GURL!) Anyhow, during my college years, I met some really amazing people; learned so much both in school and socially, produced some kick-ass work and over all grew as person. Your twenties really are your years of foundation. It’s where/when I began growing into the person I am to become, so yea, I hold them pretty close to my heart… Maybe too close?
So in a gist, I’m a fun loving, social butterfly, Extroverted-Introvert *(New term look it up! It’s Sooo me!) an artist, beginner baker, avid reader, proud doggy momma, and most of all I love to learn. Absolutely love love love to learn new things. That is what life is about isn’t it? Constantly learning. To me it’s soo invigorating! I strongly believe that we never stop learning and we can ALWAYS be better. To succeed and be happy in this world it is important that we have an open mind.

I’m also a weird, crazy, random person…*Oh look at the cute puppy!!*…. lol rolls eyes… and proud of it! 🙂 I have grown to embrace my random quirkiness. I also have quite a few blonde moments from time to time…. I embrace them too! (Will share a few in future blogs I promise)
So why did I choose to start a blog? It is simple really; a friend of mine suggested that I do because she said I have a very interesting way of writing (shout out to Sam! – Love you girl!). I am also a very inquisitive person and I like to learn all that I can, as mentioned above. I’m that type of person who is forever questioning things… but why? How? Where? When? Who? I’m that annoying dental patient, who, with my mouth locked open with dental tools going in and out of my mouth that asks: “What’s that? What are you doing?”  (with a mouth wide open lol) Yea… I’m that person lol

I thought starting a blog sounded like a great idea as there are so many things I am interesting in and have thoughts on and I needed a place, other than Facebook, or my journal where I could express myself deeper about topics that really intrigue me. I love writing (physically) but I have to be honest my hand gets tired easily so a blog works perfectly. Plus, I get to share my thoughts with you and the rest of the world which I LOVE doing. I am open to sharing the things that float… well zoom really… through my head and even be vulnerable at times if I need to be especially if I know it will/can help someone.

With that said, here you will find a wide array of topics, as that is why I named the blog what I did after all! I don’t like the idea of tying myself down to one particular “type” of blog as I have views on many things. I had actually tried doing just that and found that I was feeling really pressured and restricted to write about ONLY what the blog pertained to. So I said: “To hell with that!” and chose to name it something that was very broad and and would cover a wide range of topics… literally “THIS THAT AND ANYTHING ELSE!” I am now free to write on whatever topic moves me at the time. I also get confused easily so having multiple blogs for multiple topics would drive me bonkers and it did for a while.

Please leave comments and feel free to share my posts with anyone. After all, that is why I post online! To share my thoughts with the world.

I hope you guys enjoy reading what I write about! Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy A


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