Chronicles of a Bird Bush Widow

Hi there and welcome!
This page of the blog is a seasonal section as it contains posts that pertain to only the Bird Bush Season time period here in Jamaica.
What is Bird Bush Season? Well, it is a 6 week (weekends ONLY) period where registered hunters are allowed to hunt particular species of birds such as White Winged, Baldpate and Paloma doves for feasting.
Sure to some this may be inhumane but hey, to each their own right? At least they are not doing it just to show or for “catch and release” purposes, which I find HORRIFIC by the way. (this to be discussed in a later post)
Anyhow, this section will start out with old posts I made from a previous blog site that I made inactive so I wanted to transfer everything over to here.
Hope you have fun reading guys and please, don’t be afraid to leave comments!

Crazy A-