My Story

This is My Story.

This is My Journey.

It is a Hero’s Story.

It is a Hero’s Journey.



Along my journey of life, my trust was stolen in the darkness of night.

Taken from me at a moment when I could not put up a fight.


On this journey I encountered many obstacles,

Obstacles such as critics.

These critics were: my own thoughts of self blame,

And of people who forced my silence to remain.


But as I continued along my journey, pushing past these obstacles, I discovered my guides.

My guides are Spiritual Leaders & they come in the form of Dragonflies.

My Spiritual Leaders guide me through my journey & teach me self love.

They help me to learn acceptance & forgiveness.

Acceptance for my trust being stolen.

Forgiveness & love for myself.

Forgiveness for who stole my trust.


My Spiritual Guides help me to reach my destination.

My destination is to be free, free to be me.

Free to tell my story so that I can become a Leader.

A Leader for those who have traveled along a similar path as one such as my own.



This is MY STORY.


It is a Hero’s story.

It is a Hero’s journey.

I AM the HERO of my story.

I AM the HERO of my journey.



-Crazy A


Soooooo Noah’s Ark Veterinary Centre was having a V-Day competition where we should write a poem about our dog and post a photo too.
Well……..Lordy I was suckered in hahahahaha
Here is my “Love Poem” to my dog….. (Lord help me…)

Chipperdoodle, snickerdoodle, supperdoodle, doodle.
Our Chipster, our fluffster, our floofster, our poopster!
I dreamed of you and it came true,
I wanted no other dog, only you.
The year you were born it was deemed meant to be,
Cuz you were born just for me & D!
Just 1 yr later we got a call in the store,
Took one look and we knew for sure!
That us 3 were meant to be,
So we took you home and became a family!
We vowed to love you no matter what it took
And from the very 1st day we knew we were hooked!
With 2AM screaming barks,
You woke us up cuz of the cat in the park!
Medicine TIME, Food TIME, Outside TIME… TIME!
We can’t even say these words
Without you going BAZERK!
All these words send you crazy,
Doing spins & turns that make me WOOZAY!
Chipperroo, floofferroo, doodledoo, Doggiedoo
Chippie, Dippie, our little popstickie
You’re stuck with us forever,
Cuz no matter what, we’ll always be tog

We Love you Chipster!
Love Mommy & Daddy


Screenshot 2019-02-15 15.39.46

The definition of being….

Crazy A! hahaha

To My Step-mom Sanchia


Dear Sanchia

With dad:
You were always there right by his side,
Ready to help taking it all in stride.
Whatever the need may have been,
You gave him your all and dived right in.
You gave so much of yourself, so unselfishly,
It makes me think of the person I want to be.


You were his shinning light,
Down to the day his soul took flight.
I want you to know though,
That you are never alone.
For when you cry I cry,
No matter how hard I try.
I can feel your tears you see,
As if they flow through me.


The love you gave dad throughout the years,
Tells me of the load that your soul now bears.
But no matter what the future may bring,
I want you to remember one last thing:
Dads soul is now set free,
Sailing away across the sea.
To you my dear Sanchi,
Forever grateful I shall be.


Love, Panda Rose




-Crazy A

Morning Walks

Birds chirping, bees buzzing,
The leaves of palm trees clapping.

Bushes rustling, nightengales singing,
Little grass twits fluttering.

Trees swishing, little toads whistling,
Noisy woodpeckers knocking.

Chippie’s feet pitter-patting, my flip flops clip-clopping.

This is the soundtrack of our early walks, in the sweet n cool December morning.


-Amanda Lazarus (Crazy A)

A Rose in the Desert

Hey guys,

Here is another poem for you. This is a motivational one.

Don’t give up on anything! Remember, even though sometimes it may be hard, that everything comes in time. You are strong my followers… Your are strong!


A Rose in the Desert


There is a lonely rose dying in the desert,

Waiting for the rain to come.

Day after day, watching the clouds go by bringing no rain.

Its leaves begin to curl each day, more and more until they can hold on no longer.

They fall gently to the ground, swaying back and forth.

It has used up all its earthly resources, but now the earth below is dry and cracked.

Still, that little rose continues to hold out its beautiful bloom.

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Sweet Rain

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to share with you all a poem I had found recently that I wrote a LONG time ago! I had completely forgotten about it and when I found it I was excited to share it!

Read and leave comments below. Warning: Its a little Saucy! lol






Awoken by the gentle sounds of rain drops outside my window, I turn over in bed and my thoughts fall on you.


I picture you snuggled up to me – spooning as you nuzzle the crease of my neck.

“G’morning” the deep warmth of your voice vibrates through my ear.

I smile tenderly and shift closer into your pelvis…

“Mmmm G’morning”

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