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Recently an aunt of mine shared a video with me via What’s App. It was the song: “Beautiful Day ” by Jermaine Edwards. A local artist. Son of a pastor.

She shared this video with me one morning randomly after my fathers recent passing. I listened to the song for the 1st time and had to stop it immediately after hearing the 2nd line: “Many people died and never saw this day.” I immediately thought about my dad and started crying.

Eventually though, I listened to the song in full, letting the tears come if they did, and slowly but surely I fell in love with the song. This song is so up-lifting. It always brings a smile to my face and a beat to my feet. I have now made it a part of my morning routine where I play it loud on my balcony as I look out and take in the view… And everyday is truly “A Beautiful Day.”

Something that makes me feel so good I knew I had to share with you all. So here, I’m sharing the direct youtube link to the video with you so that you can listen to it and hopefully love it as much I as I do. (I’m unable to upload the actual video here in the post)

My favorite part is: “Thank you for sunshine, Thank you for rain. Thank you for Joy, Thank you for pain…..” Everything that happens to us, GOOD & BAD help to shape us and I’m grateful for it all.

Click: –> Beautiful Day

So plug in your ear phones or turn up your speakers. Follow along with the lyrics and let every word resonate deep in your soul as they do for me.

Have a beautiful day my followers.


Crazy A


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