Hajarie: A Review of Jamaica’s Finest Tea Room/Bistro/Wine Bar


Hajarie (The Teapot JA) is a fairly recent bistro that has popped up in the Phoenix Ave Complex. Though not entirely new, the amazing little spot was formally known as simply: “The Teapot” and was located in Sovereign Shopping Centre. (The Movie theatre Entrance)

I remember my first few stops at their previous location. I had randomly walked in one day drawn by the display for teas (I’m a serious tea lover- having a cuppa as I write this.) and met both Owner: Jacqui Mighty and Cute Barista: Anna Hines. I quickly fell in love with the place and with them. Everything was so charming. Jacqui and Anna are such amazing people that I clicked with them immediately. I soon found myself going there to get my regular “FIX” as I became addicted to their AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS Chai Tea Latté. Soon we became fast friends and I was kept somewhat in the loop of soon to come expansion. I couldn’t wait!

When I found out that Jacqui had finally expanded, I was simply over the moon for her! I could not wait to visit the new place, and when I finally did… I was not disappointed AT ALL. I was very impressed and sooo happy for Jacqui’s new adventure. The place was absolutely perfect!

Located on Phoenix Avenue, in the same complex as Just Salads and Di Grill Shack, Hajarie is neatly tucked away around the back and surrounded by lush foliage and the tranquil sounds of water from a pond below the entry bridge. As you ascend the stairs you have the option of eating either indoors or on the outdoor deck.

Inside, you are welcomed by the calming ambiance of earth tones, bamboo light fixtures and comfortable seating. I was happily greeted by the long time Barista Anna and immediately ordered my FIX! lol (Seriously… it’s heavenly I tell you!) I settled myself towards the back and looked over the menu, excited to try their dishes. Boy, I simply did not know what to choose! Every thing sounded so yummy!!!

I finally decided on the Avocado and Chickpea dip with a side of Eggplant chips to start with. 100% vegan and can I tell you, you’d never know it was vegan! It’s very tasty. I added salt and pepper to taste (don’t worry that’s just me I do that to everyone’s cooking…. lol well except my momma! lol )  and thoroughly enjoyed my appetizer. I took a chance with the Eggplant chips but I was delightfully surprised. It was a perfect match to the dip. It was rather filling for an appetizer which is good from my point of view.  I like to get my monies worth. #Amen

Avocado and Chickpea Dip with a side of Eggplant chips (Price $750)


For my Entrée I ordered the Wild Mushroom Panini, which also had a vegan option, but I added chicken. Now let me just pause right here with you guys because seriously you’re not prepared for what I’m about to say………..Ready??? OK…


OMGeee IS WAS MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING!!!!!!! My taste buds went wild (see what I did there) with the most amazing combination of Mushrooms, fresh Olives, sun dried tomatoes, basil, lettuce, pesto sauce and mozzarella cheese, (and chicken)… Dis ya chef TUN UP!!! It was the perfect combination of lightly toasted bread on the outside and moist ingredients on the inside. So mouth watering! The pesto and basil together added a fantastic pop to the panini. The sesame seed bread was a very nice touch too! These flavours went so well together that I can honestly say that I didn’t need the chicken after all! The size of the panini was just right as it was also very filling. With the appetizer, the panini and the my Chai Tea latté (soon to be described) mi belly did buss! I almost could not finish but I was not about to waste this level of goodness! Whoi SO GOOD! Had to savour every bite. If more places had a chef like this, going vegan/vegetarian would be super easy! Yuh sell off chefie!

Check it out nuh! I mean aren’t you just drooling when you see this??!! #OMGeee

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 3.22.33 PM
Wild Mushroom Panini (with chicken) (Price $1,200 with chicken, $800 without)

The presentation was also very nice. Topped with fresh parsley and served on a squared wooden plate with a beautiful pearl finished boarder. Nice touch guys!

As for my “FIX”…. the Chai Tea Latté (with rum cream might I add… Suh yea…. DI TING TUN UP!) is hands down the best in the island. It’s easy to say that sure because I know of no where else that serves this but even so…. I call it my “FIX” for a reason! Whenever I am having a bad day… all I need is their Chai Tea Latte and all my problems melt away…. Everything is “FIXED” 🙂

This cup of heaven is served in a decent sized mug topped with whipped cream and a good dash of cinnamon. mmmm… MMMM! #HappinessOverload

Chai Tea Latté, topped with whipped cream and a good dash of cinnamon ($650)


My only critiques for improvements for the appetizer would be to try as best as you can (if possible with egg plant), to get the chips as crisp as you can. For the Wild Mushroom Panini, it would be to use fresh mushrooms as opposed to tin (but honestly I personally love the tin ones so I didn’t mind and I know fresh mushrooms do go bad VERY quickly so in this business I totally understand) Also, I would say to watch the greasy level. I kept having to wipe my hands after every bite. Now don’t get me wrong guys, this in no way takes away from the amazingness of the dish it was amazingly juicy. Just a food for thought 🙂 (nuff love guys)

In addition to the lovely lunch I described above, Hajarie also, of course, sells a wide range of exquisite teas for all needs. From teas that are especially good for medicinal purposes to calming teas that help you unwind after an exhausting day on the road or at the office. What ever the need, Hajarie has it. What’s better is that they sell all these teas in loose leaf form! That is the absolute best way to have your tea darling. (And you can purchase your french press or leaf strainer right there too, and mugs!) *wink wink*

While Hajaire was once mainly a “Tea Spot”, they have evolved into a elegant Tea Room, A hip Bistro with a fabulous menu and a dazzlingly Wine Bar by night, serving wine by the bottle (encouraging post drunkies like me…. shameful! lol. And let us not forget their pastries to go along with their teas! While I did not sample any of the pastries that they had, I can certainly say they looked delicious. It was very tempting though!

Overall my experience here was of course an excellent one. The staff work well together and are very pleasant. While photographing them to share with you in this blog post the team of four (missing the main chef sadly) you could tell they totally meshed well with each other and in this industry this is so important. Having a team that works well together really helps to ensure that your customers have an enjoyable experience.

From Left to right: Janelle, Gavin, Alex, Anna
From Left to right: Alex, Janelle, Anna, Gavin

The prices at Hajarie are also very affordable and the tastefully designed menu offers a good range of items without overwhelming you with choices.

So to wrap up this very long review, I encourage you all to go check out this little spot for lunch or even a quiet little dinner with your partner. I promise you, the experience will be a good one!

Lastly, just a quick note to ask you guys to check out my social media pages:                Insta: @amandalazarusphotos    FB: @AmandaGibsonPhotos (I got married recently and slowly changing over to Lazarus lol)

Thats all for now guys! Peace out

Crazy A


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