“Over” vs “Under”?… That is the question

Toilet paper…… Over or Under? The Great Debate!

Since the invention of toilet paper people have argued whether which way was the “right” way to place it on the roll. There was even a 124 yr old patent that was discovered stating that “Over” was the right way. I too for a long time insisted that this was the right way too.

“Under” is sooooo annoying. You have to reach up under this roll to try and find the end of it and it can be so frustrating! It would always annoy me to the point where if I came across a friends bathroom and found it in the “Under” position…. I would flip it to “Over!” (sorry not sorry) lol Shameful I know. I would hate seeing it in my moms bathroom and even the powder room… I couldn’t stand it!!!

In my house thankfully my husband doesn’t really care which way it is put on but then that would also mean when it was his turn to change the roll he never really paid attention to how he did it and sometimes he would put it in the “Under” position. My helper (maid) straight up never replenished the roll when it was out lol  “Lort” help me! lol

For those who have cats (or dogs who like to attack the toilet paper roll too) I can totally understand why “Over” would be the worst.. Fine, I will give you that. For your special case… “Under” is fine. But if you don’t have a cat or dog issue then….. Helloooooo “Over” it should be!

But then,  here is my dilemma. Every time I reached for the toilet paper it would break of too short and I would have to pull repeatedly up to 3x before I got my desired amount. UGH!! Now THAT is more frustrating than “Over” vs “Under”! Then one day…… I reached over and… DUN DUN DUN…..it was in the under position!!! Guess what happened….. I PULLED TOO MUCH! My eyes shot wide open…… My world had been flipped upside down… I literally froze…. Everything I had believed to be true was A LIE! A LIE I TELL YOU!!!! #Heartbroken

My mind was suddenly opened to a whole new world! It was then that it dawned on me that BOTH are correct!!! It just depends now on the location of the roll! (and yes whether or not you have a cat) OMG #mindblown!

So, I have come to the conclusion that if the holder is super close to you or even in front of you that “Over” works best. But if you have to stretch or reach behind thus causing you to pull from a weird angle then “Under” is best!

You see, in our main bathroom the holder is on the same wall as the toilet and to the right. So I have to stretch backwards to get it; and by the way I’m a shorty… lol. As a result, if I went to grab said toilet paper at the wrong angle I would only get like 2/3 squares at I time; and I’m a “buncher” so I need more than that! dwl #TMI So when I realised I can get all that I need (and more) when the roll is in the “Under” position I was seriously blown away. BLOWN AWAY I TELL YOU!

So now, my house is the terrifying mix as 1 out of the 3 bathrooms has the holder in front of you so the toilet paper is placed in the “Over” position. I will say now that I will no longer feel the need to switch my friends rolls. (lol sorry if I ever upset anyone….. I have seen the light) Go figure…. I will now be annoyed if the master bathroom roll is put in the “Over” position… my how the tables have turned! hahahahahahaha

So in conclusion (to probably my most ridiculous post,) “Over” Vs “Under” The Great Debate.. Screw the patent and do it your way! It’s your damn house and you butt dominates that toilet seat! dwl…. If you are husband and wife and each feel differently…… Get a 2nd toilet paper roll put in so both are happy!! hahahahahaha

Thats all folks! Peace out!

Crazy A



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