A Book Review of: “What the hell am I supposed to do with my Life?!” by Krystal Chong

It was a bitter sweet moment when I came to the end of this amazing book. I was dying to finish it but at the same time when I did finish it, I wanted more. More of her hilarious stories. Man they had me bursting out loud while reading that I remember my dog looking up at me as if to say: “What the hell is wrong with this woman?!” lol

So here is a little back story…I learned of Krystal’s book on Women’s Day (March 8 2017) when, the best book store in town, (big up BOOKOPHILIA!) had featured her on their Instagram page. When I saw the book I knew immediately that I had to have it… I just KNEW I neeeeded it! LIKE NOW! I wanted to leave work and run to the store that very same moment but alas, I had to wait until 4:30pm. BUT! When the time finally came, I rushed over the to the store for my copy…. only to then be crushed…. “Like a banana under a cement trucks wheel” 😉 I was soo heart broken to learn that they didn’t actually have any copies of her book in stock at the moment… The post had mis-lead me… *Sigh* So I had to wait even longer to receive this book I knew I so badly needed.

After the crushing news, I immediately messaged Krystal on her Instagram page hoping that she would respond, but not expecting. At the time, I figured she would be too busy to respond to the likes of some random and overly zealous fan like me. Imagine, I hadn’t even read the book yet! (wait till I actually finished! HA!)

To my relief, and great surprise, she DID respond and man oh man was I happy! What made it even better is that she told me that she had sent SIGNED copies ANNNNDDDD that they had special quotes in them! OMG my excitement seriously just went up like 3 notches! I love quotes and I get to have a signed copy by her too??!! Yippiieeee!

Over the next few days, I stayed in touch with her and Bookophilia to find out when EXACTLY they got the books and can I tell you, the moment they had them I rushed to the store… in the middle of the work day, I didn’t give a crap. I NEEEDED that book like a fish needs water lol. That’s literally how I felt… Crazy much? lol meh that’s me and I love it. The store opens at 10:00am. I was there at 10:02am, ready to go through all their copies just so I could choose the quote that was best suited for me. I didn’t care if she had sent 10 copies or 100 copies I was going to go through them all! Luckily it was only 10 so I didn’t leave the office for too long lol.

After searching through all of them, I knew I had found the one with the perfect quote: “Close your eyes and imagine the best version on you possible. That’s who you really are. Let go of any part of yourself that doesn’t believe it..” C. Assaad I knew instantly that this was my copy. The Universe brought me this moment and this book. Actually, believe it our not, it was the first copy that I picked up too! Yet I still went through the rest of them in case there was a better one…

I truly believe that the book came into my life at the perfect time. Why do I say this cliché thing? Because it is actually true. You see, Women’s Day was March 8th 2017 and on March 2nd 2017 (if you read my latest post) I resigned from my family company…. Just, Like, Krystal did at the beginning of her journey! (similarity numero uno – 1000 to go lol) It was a decision that I had been struggling with for some time and after watching a Steve Harvey video about deciding to JUMP, I finally did just that.. I JUMPED! (Watch it here: Steve Harvey – Jump) And man alive was it scary. I had made the decision on Ash Wednesday after a lot of deliberation and knew I had to tell my Dad the next day… But boy was I ever scared! I mean, it was 95% me running the company and even though I had someone helping in the office she was no where near ready to take over and Dad was 99% focused on his other business.. Anyways back to the point! oops

So I had just made this huge life altering decision and a few days later I discover Krystal’s book… Coincidence?? Ummm no. I think not. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. God’s Universe is a very powerful thing and I believe that this book was purposely brought to me that fine day. I’m not so sure that I would have come across that post had I NOT decided to resign.. I mean think about it… I was busy at work that day and I just happened to check my Instagram account and at that moment I saw the post about Krystal? What are the chances?? Nah, God’s universe DID THAT! It was meant to come into my life.

Also, when I first saw Bookophilia’s post, I not only wanted the book but I said to myself: “One day that will be me… I will be featured in some way like this” That’s actually a dream of mine. To be recognised publicly for doing something great… Something that moves people. You see, I believe we, Krystal and I, have a very similar calling in life. To reach people through media. Only for me, my media is my art. (More on this in another post though)

So here it is… this amazing book that was brought to me just at the right time in my life. I got the book, I think 2 days before my last day at the office, and I had planed to read it while in my happy place, Stepping Stones. Nothing could be more perfect – See link to that post here: Heaven On Earth (yes you can rent the place!)

A few days into having started the book, I learned that she was coming to Jamaica to talk about her book at Bookohphila! To say I was excited would be an understatement! lol First, I discover this book, then I’m able to get a SIGNED copy WITH  the perfect quote suiting me AND THEN I get the opportunity to meet this woman! Well I’ll be damned if I was missing it! I didn’t care if it started at 10pm (I go to be around 8:30PM mind you) my arse was not missing that! Hells-to-the-NO! I even got there a full 30mins before…. lol (call me pathetic if you want but whatevs I’m a bookie and a huge fan and I don’t really care)

So finally she gets there… I’m all shy and holding back while she meets and greets everyone. Meanwhile I’m trying so hard NOT to run over and hug her… (Krystal if you’re reading this I know you’re probably laughing out loud lol #twinning) – inside joke lol – Yea dats right me and the author got inside jokes! SAY WHAAAAT!!! lol Anyways going on…

So as I was saying… I finally get the chance to meet her and I politely stretch my hand out to shake her hand which she did.. and then she said something or the other but I just heard “I want to hug you”… I felt like the heavens just opened! My heart was smiling so big cuz why?? I felt the same way! lol Seriously, just having met her we are on the same brain wave! Freaky.

That night at bookophilia I really got to know her a little better and she is such a beautiful and quirky soul… I loved how she would be talking about something and end up going off on random topics, then express her confusion out loud as to how she got there and we just sat there following her… going along any path she took in the conversation, hell even we got lost, and all laughed! It was such a great night and I met some really cool people (#buffbudha where you at?!) I was a total groupie and got a picture with her and it was sooo cool of her to give me her number so that we could chat. Unfortunately though, for me, she was leaving the next day and I would not be able to meet up with her for lunch. We have plans to Skype. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.04.33 PM

After that, I dived back into the book and after reading this book I just have to say that it is THE BEST BOOK I have read to date and I have read a lot of books! In thinking about it, actually, I could honestly say that this just might be the first “self-help” book that I have started AND completed; an accomplishment for me lol. It was very relatable for many reasons. Sure being a fellow Jamaican helped but honestly Krystal and I have sooooo much in common! It is actually kinda scary how much in fact…lol. Her HILARIOUS stories had me bursting out laughing and her style is very easy to follow; not strict and dictating as some books can be.

Her energy was just pouring off the pages and it was sooo addicting! I definitely could not put this book down. In fact, I read it with a highlighter and pencil beside me every time and practically underlined and made notes on every page. In every chapter there were several similarities that jumped out at me I just lost count. What made the experience of reading her book even more amazing was that I have her number and am able to reach out to her whenever I need. At times I would even send her messages while reading the book and it was just so awesome to have that line of communication open with her. It definitely made the reading experience so much more awesome, even though it already was.
The fact that she laid all her cards out on the table and was vulnerable to her readers really went a long way. I myself very much admire that and it helped to make it that much more relatable. I too share the same willingness to do so. I feel that being vulnerable allows people to connect with you more especially in a world like today where everyone is so disconnected!
Over all, the book is simply amazing and the information provided was very insightful and practical. If I could give it 10 stars instead of just 5 I would! While sure it doesn’t give you the EXACT answer to “What the hell am I supposed to do with my life” but it is a FABULOUS guide to help you through any circumstance and bring you peace on your journey.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and in fact, I plan to re read it so that I can go through the action steps in each chapter…lol!

So BIG UP to you my gurl! So proud of you and am so grateful that you chose to share your journey with us! Truly, truly thankful! You have succeeded in your purpose my love; to bring peace to people through media! I certainly am now more at peace after reading your book and I will treasure it forever.

What I wish for you, you already have: peace, happiness, love, joy and success so I wish you that continuously! May your life be overflowing with these things and your heart always full!

Lastly, If you guys wish to purchase this book (you’d be crazy NOT TO!) you can do so by clicking the image below! Enjoy!

Nuff love!

Crazy A

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