Sausage & Veggie Pasta with Feta & Olive Oil

Hi guys,

So I made an impromptu pasta for dinner last night and it turned out amazing! Like seriously it has moved to my Fav. Dish List (I should do a section for those). It tastes great and is quick and easy to do (which is a plus) so ppl on the go like busy moms, career men&women etc would love it. I think it is healthy too… somewhat I’m not 100% sure.

First I want to say that I suck at measurements so if you are expecting that sowee you might be disappointed. I don’t really use measurements (except for baking) as I love to experiment in the kitchen. Besides, being from the island of Jamaica we have one measurement: “bout suh.” So really my posts are for people like me who like to experiment and also have a little experience in the kitchen, enough to guesstimate the measurements on their own. But if not that’s ok, still give it a shot. The best way to learn is by doing… so read on…

Any how lets get started.

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cook Time 15-20 mins


  • Turkey Sausage (or any other you like) 1-2 depending on size
  • Onions 1
  • Sweet Peppers  1
  • Tomatoes 1
  • Feta Cheese (crumbled)
  • Olive Oil – errm very little? – This is for sauteing the veggies and sausages and then for dressing so go easy
  • Escallion (Aka green onion) – a few lol
  • Pasta of your choice (Not macaroni but I guess if desperate) 1-2 bags – 1 for single person – 2 for 2 ppl (gives left overs so your choice here)
  • Seasonings:
    • Salt – to taste (Easy here – depends on the type of sausage you have)
    • Black Pepper 
    • Oregano
    • Red Pepper Seeds (Or any other kind of pepper) *Optional*
    • Thyme
    • Garlic (If you have read my previous posts… LOTS OF IT)


  • Pot for pasta
  • Medium frying pan
  • Stirring spoon (Wood or plastic is best depending on your pan – metal scratches)
  • Col-lander (If you don’t have one just pour the water off carefully with the pot and its cover. – Careful here, it will be hot and watch that you don’t lose the pasta – If you do 5 second rule lol (do over the sink)



  • First, set water to boil. *tip: add salt as it boils quicker*
  • Next, chop up all the veggies and the sausage chunky style. (Except the escallion – Dice these)
  • Add pasta to boiling water
  • Heat the pan to medium heat with a little bit of olive oil and then throw in the escallion. You want to hear that little bit of sizzle
  • Saute
  • Next, add the sausages (chopped)
  • Season: Add your seasonings to taste (except the garlic… lol you always want a lot here, and black pepper too lol – One thing I notice is that Americans tend to under season their dishes (no offense) or use a thing called Mrs. Dash…. I don’t ever use Mrs. Dash! lol again no offense. Us Caribbean people live on the spices and seasonings! Flavor is the goal!
  • Check Pasta
  • After the sausages have stated cooking (If they were raw) add the veggies
  • Mix in everything together and probably add more seasonings
    • Remember the more things you add the more seasoning you have to put so that everything gets seasoned properly – *But be careful as you don’t want to over season*
  • Cook everything for about 5-10 mins – All you really want to do here is soften the veggies and get the flavors out. *Do not over cook*
  • Once everything is cooked and the pasta is boiled (AND DRAINED) combine everything together in one pot (including the oil from the pan)
  • Mix everything together and check to see if you need more olive oil (This is the “dressing”)
  • After everything is mixed, add your crumbled feta cheese!!! YUMMMY!
  • REMIXxxxx lol
  • Serve!

VOILA! you’re done!

At the end I actually added season Parmesan to it.. maaan that stuff is awesome!! But that is entirely up to you my readers. (see pic below)

I hope you enjoyed this recipe guys. Be sure to leave comments below letting me know what you think, how it tastes, or if you have any suggestions or questions.


Lots of love!

Crazy A


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