Brunch Bake Review

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Ok Guys,

So I had wanted to post about this on Facebook as that’s is where it started but the verbiage got too long and I said let me do a short blog post instead. So here goes.

Ok so I tried this awesome recipe ( Brunch Bake ) that I found on a really awesome Facebook page that I am now obsessed with! ( ) and it was awesome. I love to cook and I am always looking for new things to try, different ways to spice things up/ make things a little better, add more pizzaz etc. and this page has some really wicked stuff!

So on Sunday (October 11 2015)  I tried this recipe: ( – I didn’t exactly stick to the recipe shown here but man it was a freaking HIT! It came out great!

I found out last minute that I didn’t have biscuits as the recipe called for but instead I had croissants, I certainly did not use 12 eggs… I aint feeding a family here, just my husband and myself, and I also said to hell with the measurements! dwl Now when you cook as often as I do you can do your own thing. I have a measuring cup in my head (Bout suh) and I love lots of cheese.. LOTs and LOTS of cheese… But if you are a newby at cooking then yes, follow the measurements. Also, I cooked it for longer than 30 mins as I put a big clump of butter in the middle expecting it to melt and spread… It melted alright but never spread lol so the in the middle was a big wad of butter grease. I had to pull it out and soak it up with a bit of paper towel to get it out and put I back in for that spot to bake some more…. watching the rest so I don’t burn it… .  Sooooo, don’t do what I did there! lol If you are going to put butter in make sure it’s mixed in properly lol

Also, note that every oven is different. The 30-35 bake time they show in the video is just a suggestion. I think even without the issue of the butter that I had I still would have left it in for round about he same time.. (45 mins for me) I’ve learned with my oven everything is longer than the suggested time, so get to know your oven and keep an eye on things. Also with eggs you don’t want them to get too dry.

In the end it really was awesome! The croissants substitute wasn’t not bad at all. So I believe you can use either or.

I sadly didn’t have chives (Next time) and I added other seasonings like garlic powder (just a dash) and paprika. Also try adding curry powder to your eggs. It’s awesome. My husband introduced me to that. Add a little at a time so be careful!

When I discovered that I only had croissants I was a little apprehensive but I just laid them out haphazardly and went for it. Cooking isn’t part recipe, part winging it, part art. lol I would say 30% recipe lol. It wasn’t perfect but thats ok. I just smushed them down. In this case a little extra spray for the pan I don’t think could hurt.

All this happened while my husband was fast asleep so he woke up to some really awesome breakfast. I don’t know the size of the pan I used but it was the same as in the video because it made 9 servings.. so the 12 eggs I don’t think is necessary but hey, give it a try.

Here are the picks below to show the process in the oven and the finished result.

We ate it by it self but I think a side of bacon would have been great. Everything is better with bacon!!! It also makes for a great dish along side other brunch items. Of course I am already thinking of ways to spice this up and make it my own. I encourage you guys to do that as well. Start out with the original recipe and then experiment and make it you own. I love cooking. I don’t care if I spend 3 hours on my feet.. There is just something about preparing gorgeous, delicious meals for the people I love and being able to share it with them and have them enjoy it or offer critics is enough for me.

Hell I also made 2 loaves of banana bread, potato salad, fried breadfruit and guacamole yesterday too! And would you believe I barely ate the banana bread! I actually only had 1/2 a slice and only had one serving of the other stuff. I’m actually giving away most of the banana bread lol. Anyhow check the pics and captions below and give it a try.

Peace out ppl!


This is it in the oven… You can see the wad of melted butter in the middle…. 😦


BAD Butter.. left the middle soggy!


Beautiful! Finished and so much better after soaking up the butter.



Have a great day peeps!!

Crazy A


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