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Everyone has that little place somewhere in their world that is sacred to them; somewhere that they hold very close to their hearts; a place that some may call “Heaven on Earth.” For me it is my grand parents home in the hills of Jamaica called “Stepping Stones” (and recently the two bedroom apartment called “Pebbles.”) How cute are those names!

This place has been present in my life for.. well…. all of it. It was my get-away spot during my childhood. My cousins and I had a spot that we called “The End of the World” which was, at the time, a flat piece of land that had one hell of a view (almost 360) of the mountains of Jamaica. It was the best spot to go to when I was feeling down. It was the perfect spot to sit and look out and just reflect on life. I was heart broken when the owners built their house on it as i felt that a piece of me was taken. But, alas,  nothing I could do. They have one hell of a view I tell you. I miss that little spot.

I remember hunting for raspberries with my cousins, roaming the entire area, gone walking for hours, just playing and exploring with each other. Going on awesome adventures. I remember these two dogs, Bright eyes and Shy (lol we were soooo “creative” with those names) We would walk all over the place. Back in those days there was no internet or cable up there. Now of course with the changing times and technology we have the apply TV and internet. But man, back in the days was the best. No internet, no cable just each other and that was the best part. I like to think I was a mix of a tomboy and a introvert back then as I always loved playing outside or curling up and reading a book. Roaming the community was the greatest. We went to every house. Climbed all over, going on secret hunts and adventures. It was the best of times.

The water system is very special up there. At the time, it was by catchment only and kinda still is to an extent. We have this huge, deep water house on the hill out back and I remember us kids playing around it and through rocks in there. Looking back now I realise how dangerous that was because there wasn’t ladder or anything to hold on to had we fallen in! That thing needs a lock! lol

There is a picture of us three cousins together in the garden, we had all lost teeth i think and we were all so happy. All of us with huge smiles on our faces hugging each other.

I remember running around and picking various flowers in peoples yards and particularly Dandelions that we blow and make wishes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.30.19 PM

Spending weekends with the family up there was so meaningful to me and still is. It was where I learned to ride a bike. It was where we spent nights wrapped up in warm blankets by the fire place and out on adventures in the day. lol I remember one day when we were playing on an old tennis court the fog came in so quickly and it was so thick that we could not see our hands in front of us! Our parents freaked out and shouted to us stay where you are! Don’t move! I don’t remember if I was mesmerised or scared but bringing that vision into mind now calms me. (Maybe now if that happened I would definitely be mesmerised lol) The fog came in a lot more often back then. I remember having to run around the house and lock up the windows because the fog was coming in and it would get into the house.

I remember there was a really big rock outside by the kitchen that I loved to play around. It’s weird i know, and I have no idea why but I just remember loving the damn thing.

As the years have progressed so much has changed. The house built on “The End of the World,” the helpers quarters and garden built up around my weird rock. “Pebbles” being built, and there is actually more work currently going on around. Pebbles was a really great addition as now all the children and their spouses have room. We are working on getting space for all the grandchildren and their spouses lol… In due time.

Stepping Stones was, and still is, very precious and sacred to me. I would be devastated if we lost it. It has to stay in the family for generations. It just has to. It was where my husband and I started our honeymoon as well so I personally have stated making my own special memories with my husband. We spent our wedding night there followed by a family brunch with a few close friends the next day. It was amazing. My husband loves that place just as much as I do. There have also been great birthdays there with my uncle and his crew. (man some crazy fun!)

Over the passed couple of years (since being home) we have been going up there more often and that makes me very happy. We go up there any chance we get! Why just the other day David and I drove my grandfolks up there just to look at the progress of some work being done. Yea the place was locked up but it didn’t matter. We just love being there.

I have so many memories up there, and we have our younger cousins now who we are making more memories with. They love it up there too. They go out on adventures just like we did and play in the yard. Thank goodness they are not those kids who sit around with their gadgets. NAH my cousins are awesome and cool kids! All the guys (including my younger cousin) shoot clays up there when we go. My husband, father in-law, uncle and cousin together having a great time doing what they all love, and I just love it. Yes the shots firing aren’t exactly my thing but I enjoy watching memories being made.

It really is my “Heaven on Earth” my “Safe Haven” It is the perfect place to get away from kingston and just enjoy nature and spend quality time with family.

And yes, my grandfolks do rent it out so you get get a little piece of this “Heaven on Earth” for your self.

Here is the facebook link: www.facebook.com/Stepping-Stones

Crazy A


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