A Rose in the Desert

Hey guys,

Here is another poem for you. This is a motivational one.

Don’t give up on anything! Remember, even though sometimes it may be hard, that everything comes in time. You are strong my followers… Your are strong!


A Rose in the Desert


There is a lonely rose dying in the desert,

Waiting for the rain to come.

Day after day, watching the clouds go by bringing no rain.

Its leaves begin to curl each day, more and more until they can hold on no longer.

They fall gently to the ground, swaying back and forth.

It has used up all its earthly resources, but now the earth below is dry and cracked.

Still, that little rose continues to hold out its beautiful bloom.

It knows the rains are coming, and so it holds on.

Day after day another leaf falls.

When? When will the rains come?

The sun is blazing!

Look! There is water in the distance – no wait, it’s a mirage…

Still the little rose continues to hold out its beautiful bloom.

A third leaf gone.

Slowly the rose is dying.

But it knows the rain is coming.

Wait! What’s that, something wet?

Something cold?

Could it be?

No, it’s gone.

Another day has passed.

Still the little rose continues to hold out its beautiful bloom.

All the leaves are gone now,

And its petals are beginning to curl.

What will this rose do!

All that’s left below is its naked stem and dying roots.

When will the rain come?

The rose is dying of thirst.

It’s longing for the day when the clouds will open up and let down a shower of blessing.

Still the little rose continues to hold out its beautiful bloom.

One petal gone.

The rose is wilting now.

Another day has come,

And the sun is beating down its harsh rays onto this poor little bloom.

Look! A cloud off in the distance.

Yes! It’s coming closer.

Oh look how full it is!

Rich and thick with rain!

Ah yes, it’s here!

Let it down, please let the rain flood this earth around me!

Begged the little rose.

A drop there to the left!

Another to the right!

Yes, it’s here!

It’s coming, the rain is here!

Wait, no! The cloud;

It’s leaving!

Why is it leaving?

It’s moving past.

No wait! Come back!

Don’t you see I’m here all alone, dying!

I need the rain.

Please come back; PLEASE!

But the cloud is gone now and is not coming back.

Sigh. Maybe it wasn’t time.

It wasn’t for me.

Still the little rose continues to hold out its beautiful, dying bloom.

Another precious petal gone,

And another.

Only two left, and still no rain.

A fellow rose has wilted and died beside it.

It gave up; and lost its beautiful bloom.

Still this little rose continues to shine.

When will the rain come?

It knows.

It has faith.

The rain will come one day.

They have to!

It knows it needs the rain to live,

And trusts that the rain won’t let it die.

One petal left!

And not a cloud in sight.

The sun is at its worst now.

Beating down the poor little rose closer to the ground.

The ground is full of cracks,

That even its roots below are exposed,

Needing the rain desperately.

Still the little rose continues to hold out it beautiful, dying bloom.

Suddenly! It begins to pour!

And pour,

And pour,

And pour!

But there is no cloud in sight?

Just clear blue sky,

And the wretched sun.

How can that be?

But yet the rain has come!

And coming down hard!

So hard, it knocks off the final petal.

But they are here!

Oh the little rose is so joyful!

Finally the roots are no longer dry, and

The ground is flooded with the rain.

The little rose is truly thankful it held out!

It begins to rise!

It knew the rain would not let it die.

It just knew!

Oh, how it will take in all the blessings it has been waiting for!

It will stand tall again,

And put forth, yet another beautiful bloom.

It will wait for the rain to come again,

And shower down on the little rose.

Just as it did on this bright and sunny, cloudless day.

Oh what a Joyful and Glorious Day!

Crazy A


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