Sweet Rain

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to share with you all a poem I had found recently that I wrote a LONG time ago! I had completely forgotten about it and when I found it I was excited to share it!

Read and leave comments below. Warning: Its a little Saucy! lol






Awoken by the gentle sounds of rain drops outside my window, I turn over in bed and my thoughts fall on you.


I picture you snuggled up to me – spooning as you nuzzle the crease of my neck.

“G’morning” the deep warmth of your voice vibrates through my ear.

I smile tenderly and shift closer into your pelvis…

“Mmmm G’morning”

Wrapped in your arms I feel so warm and safe; a feeling I’ve never had before.

The cool breeze from the air conditioning mixed in with the warmth of your body and the sounds of the rain is the perfect reciepe….

You caress my thighs, up and down, you kiss my neck; I feel your nature…rising.

Your warm hands gently caress my smooth belly and my heart begins to beat faster.


The rain is pouring harder now…. the drops increasing in size….

Puddles have formed in the already moistened earth.

A rush of chills shudder across my body.

I roll over to face you, staring deep into your eyes.

You reach around to squeeze my bum… I throw my leg over you.


Though the sky is overcast now, and there is a glow coming from behind the curtains…. creating the perfect lighting.

The rain continues to slowly fall harder and harder. The moist earth soaking up the rush of much needed nutrients.


You kiss me tenderly.

I pull you closer.


Suddenly a bolt of lightning flashes across the sky, followed by a loud roar of thunder.

The rains are coming heavier now.

You pull me over on top of you.

I can feel your nature at its peak.


Lightening strikes again and thunder roars almost simultaneously!

The storm is near.. I can feel it!

Your hands, they caress my back with such gentle pressure.

I am straddled across your pelvis. Sheets thrown astray.



BOOM!… Lightning and thunder shake the earth beneath it!

The rain is pouring at its heaviest now.

You have entered my soul.

All thoughts are lost to the nature of events


The rains continue to beat down on the earth…. soaking it to its core.

More, More and More!

Water rushes down from the heavens and fills the rivers!  They are overflowing onto the lands now.

The trees are glistening and the grass is greener now, flowers are beginning to bloom


Sweet rain


As slowly as the rains began is as slowly as they begin to cease.

The earth is full now.

The sweet rain continues to a slow and gentle fall, just as it was in the beginning.


I feel your heart inside of you.  Our bodies soaked and dripping like the leaves outside.

I lean into you and kiss you with such passion… I pull back and smile down at you.

I move to lay next to you now- spooning once more.


“Mmmmm, good morning!”


Awoken by the gentle sounds of rain drops outside my window, I turn over in bed and my thoughts fall on you.

Oh what sweet rain….


Crazy A


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