Don’t Take Anything or Anyone for Granted


Last week was a week filled with sadness… I had found out that a college mate of mine had died. He was only 27 yrs old.. The same age as me.

He was brutally murdered by a friend of his who got into an angry jealous rage over his own girl friend and attacked my beloved friend with a butcher and serrated steak knife. In an article the man who killed my friend said “I just wanted him to die”  I was in shock. My friend ran from door to door screaming for help… he was never a fighter, right up to the day he died. People who had heard the screaming said that he heard my friend say: “I will not fight you..”

How can people be so evil??? What is going on in this world?? I feel as though the Anti-Christ is here, Living and Walking among us!! How else can you explain all the evil, war, deaths, murders, crazy people attacking and attempting to eat another human being??!!! WTF It is scary what is going on in the world. Murdering another human being is nothing casual but i have to say, even in the old days people were never murdered so brutally as they are today!

After having lost 2 beloved animals and hearing the death of my college mate I just became very reticent and all I could think about was how this could have happened; what is going on in the world and most importantly that we really should NEVER take anything or anyone for granted. The fact that I lost two animals may be minor to some people but it is not to me. I loved those animals yet I didn’t show it as I should. Everything just added up when I heard the news about my college mate.

I had a few sleepless nights and I want to put together some of the thoughts I had while laying awake at nights and share with you. I don’t really know what to make of what is going on in the world except that the Anti-Christ is already here……


It’s scary how quickly life passes us by. It’s scary how quickly people, loved ones in general, animals included, can leave our lives so quickly.

Never take anything / anyone for granted. These passed few weeks alone have taught me that. I lost a dog who seemed to have jumped our gate and has yet to return. He was a stray that we had rescued about 2 yrs ago. We named him Pepper as his coat was the blackest of blacks… sooo rich. He was a sweet and loving dog that I didn’t treat as well as I should have. I took him for granted and now he is gone. Missing for almost a month now. I miss him as if we had raised him. I feel so guilty. I pushed him away when all he wanted was to nuzzle up to me for some loving. He was THE MOST affectionate dog we have ever had and now we have lost him…He only wanted to show you his love.

We lost a cat whose name was Pretty Kitty. I shunned and got annoyed with her when she would rub against me for food and get her fur all over my work clothes at the office. She was so funny and so playful but I ignored her.

I never cared when mom was concerned about Pretty Kitty being missing and now she is gone. Poisoned. How could anyone do such a thing to an animal!?? I swear the devil is living among us!

It was after losing these two pets that I heard about the death of my friend. We were not 100% close .esp after college but we knew each other and we hung out many times in college. He was young and was stabbed to death at the mere age of 27. I am 27.

It hit me that I am 27 and already I know 4 people in my life, in my age group who has died. It’s a scary fact.

Make that 5, a friend of a friend. We were not close but I knew him. He was a medical mystery. He bled out as all his organs failed and doctors don’t know why.  At least this is what I was told…

I’ve lost a friend to cancer, another to an aneurysm in his sleep, another to a gunshot to the head (his own doing by accident-don’t ask, it was a foolish thing but still he didn’t deserve to die) and now my friend being brutally murdered.

One night that same week my cousin Scott came and visited us. I had not seen him in a long time as he lives abroad. It wasn’t a long visit but after it hit me how quickly he left. It felt as though one minute he was at the table chatting and having a drink with us and the next minute I was watching him walk away and out the door. It wasn’t like this of course but it just felt so surreal when reflecting….

Cherish every moment you have with each other. We never know what can and will happen.

People, our friends, our loved ones, leaving this earth, leaving our presence soo quickly; it’s scary!

Never take any one for granted. Always show your appreciation, even to strangers; you never know how much it could make their day.

For some time now I have been thinking of and trying to get in touch with a college roommate of mine. I have tried so many ways of communication I am about to try smoke signals! I’ve been worried that something has happened to her and I don’t know. I’m scared too that she is gone from this earth and I don’t know.

I hate this. Nick, I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope you are not suffering wherever you are. It’s been a long time since we spoke and yea I may not remember much but I remember your smile; your laughter. Your love of music; your love of life. Your energy; your kindness and your kind heart.

I hope you rest in peace my friend. I hope your family does not suffer for too long. Know you are loved are greatly missed. I hope the young man who did this to you gets punished the way he should be.

When I jotted these thoughts down I just laid here next to my fiancé. He was snoring so loudly. Yet I was not mad, angry or annoyed. I love him with every snore he snores lol

I was just there; my mind in another world. I couldn’t sleep.

I don’t understand what is going on in the world. It is getting more wicked by the second.

Our helper couldn’t find her son for 2 days. She was scared he was raped by the violent gays in his community and had killed himself.

He stopped speaking for the passed 2 months and the last thing he said to his grandmother was that he was going to kill himself. That is what his friend did. Who he had just buried recently. He was raped by a gang of gay men and killed himself after it.

What the hell is going on??!! The world us a scary place!

The other day a gentleman was walking to get some exercise and was attacked and sodomised!!

Who would want to stay here?

Also in the news a Malaysian airline plane was shot down over Ukraine. How many families were distorted!!?? Lives taken. Instantaneously. Lovers lost, children taken. No one on that flight saw it coming. They were gone in an instant. Just like THAT…

In a sudden moment.


No wonder people live in fear of this world.

We are on the path of self-destruction. Can we even be fixed? Saved? When will the Lord come? Will he come? Or will he watch us kill our selves in the world he created so he can just start over again.

UGH! Such a morbid thought! But can you blame me, with all that is happening?

In this moment I am extremely scared.

Pain. Suffering. Torture. Sadness. Hurt. More pain.

My life is changing so fast I fear I can’t keep up. I’m getting married In just. 9 months!!  (This is exciting)

Things are happening. Unexpectedly

Sometimes I feel lost, confused and scared.

Pray for the world….

Pray for our people….

Pray that we will be OK, that all this madness will stop!

Is this what is to be of our FUTURE??

Here is a link to the article about my friend. May his soul rest in peace…. R.I.P Nick

That is all for now guys

Crazy A





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